Robert C. Maxfield II Photography


Hi and thank you for viewing my site!

My name is Robert Maxfield and I am based in Dallas Texas USA.  I have been involved in photography from a very early age.  I consider myself to have been a very fortunate photographer.  Over the years I have photographed a number of famous people, Milton Berle and Henny Youngman, Sam Kinison, Leonard Nemoy and many others.  I have covered numerous concerts and musical events from John Denver, Queen, The Moody Blues, Simon and Garfunkel just to name a few.  My travels have taken me to 38 states and 4 foreign countries, from Kowloon Hong Kong to Tulum Mexico.  I have photographed everything from Formula 1 auto racing to mandril baboons.  I owe a large part of things to my family and a few good friends.  Thank you goes to my grandmother who started my photographic adventures with a Kodak Hawkeye instamatic, My parents and my first SLR as a Christmas present and to my great friend Steve Ellington for without him I would have never been able to get to some of the great places I have been and capture them.